Independence Day ’12

Last year’s awesome display of fireworks, music and more had me craving some fun times again.

This time the journey began at noon time with the U.S. Navy Leapfrogs parachute team performing tricks over Boston harbor. Followed by the display of the USS Constitution with a flyover from the U.S. Navy Blue Angels.  This year’s Independence week marked the 200 year anniversary of the War of 1812.

It was a beautiful summer day at the Fan Pier and everyone gathered to watch a super cool performance unfold from the skies above.

There were streaks of smoke on top of the clouds and these dark moving objects hid behind the clouds for a few moments and then re-appeared in style, flags tied to their feet and what not.

Landing time! Cheering crowds from the rooftops and from the ground greeted the U.S. Navy Leapfrogs as they landed with precision in a strip of gravel.

The USS Constitution was the next item to steal the show and it is still a marvel to watch.

The NAVY Blue Angels made several flyovers and created an opportunity for a beautiful photo-op with the USS Constitution.

This massive American Flag hung loud and proud near the Wharf.

The night time fireworks activities were more fun to watch than capture on  camera as the shower that rolled by soaked the camera but if you look carefully at the image above you’ll see that the raindrops on the lens give this image a cooler effect than normal fireworks photos.

The fireworks display combined with the rain created a foggy, gunpowder smelling atmosphere that was lovely, the umbrella helped for the first few minutes of the shower until the rain started coming sideways and soaked up the camera.

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